Excellence Through Innovation
Sustainable options proudly sourced from and manufactured in the USA

At USFibers, recycling is our way of life. Our specialty is manufacturing products with our customers' requirements as our primary focus. Our vision is to be one of the world's premier companies: innovative, distinctive and successful in everything we do. Our commitment is to our customers, our employees, our partnerships and the environment.

Excellence Through Operations

The services and capabilities offered by USFibers are sure to meet the need of every customer. Listed below are the operational requirements that allows USFibers to be a competitive and successful supplier of recycled fibers.
  1. Stocking inventory to provide just-in-time delivery
  2. Customizing fiber to meet the requirements of high-speed cards
  3. Fast on-site tech support to help create the best fiber for your application
  4. Color shade matching capabilities
  5. Clean and zero emissions manufacturing process
  6. Post-consumer recycling specialists converting waste into usable goods
We put our customers first by listening to their needs, staying in touch with industry trends and shifts and always maintaining a competitive edge in pricing. Our flexible manufacturing capabilities meet the most demanding specifications, volume requirements and deadlines.